Teaching Highlights

-Billy T Award Winner for 2016 David Correos

Quote from David helping him prepare for the International Comedy Festival Show

"As a comedian I have no business of being a singer.
But Jennifer helped get my show to the next level by teaching me to sing with emotion and energy.
She was very accommodating as a teacher and never made me feel self conscious or nervous while rehearsing.10/10 would sing again."​

The winner of New Zealand's X Factor 2013 Jackie Thomas

Here is a quote directly from her:

"I had never had a singing lesson pre- x factor, so I contacted Jennifer just a week before I was due to sing at judges retreat in Rarotonga.  I was a very very shy singer (and person) and she helped to teach me the basics and build my confidence very quickly.  She encouraged me when I broke down in tears infront of her due to the nerves and stress.  I feel like I've not just found a great singing teacher, but an awesome friend."

​​"Annie" the musical at the Civic Theatre in Auckland New Zealand

Here are testimonials from two of the orphans:


 Amelie James-Power played Orphan Kate

 "My mum heard about the Auditions for Annie and asked me if I wanted to try out.  I did because I loved dancing and putting on shows for my family and friends... but I hadn't ever sang before.  So we searched the internet and found Jennifer.  She was amazing, right from the beginning.  So kind and patient and fun, yet full of great advice.  I looked forward to my sessions with Jennifer, she really understood me and I began to love to sing.  I even joined the performance choir at school.  Now you just can't stop me, I love it.  Thank you Jennifer for helping me find my voice and get into Annie, it's changed my life! X"

​Lucy Taylor played Orphan Duffy

"I wanted to audition for the UK production of Annie when it came to Auckland but I never dreamed I'd get in!  Mum contacted Jennifer to give me some help with the songs and script once I got down to the last group of 60 girls.  Jennifer was so fun and I'm sure she was the reason I did well in the auditions because she helped me with singing and the acting and I got the part of 'Orphan Duffy'!  Now that Annie is finished, I'm still getting singing lessons with her."

Singing and Acting Lessons

If you are interested in learning more about singing and haven't had any experience, this is the class for you. If you are an experienced performer and wanted to further your knowledge in your area of your expertise, I can tailor your classes to suit your needs.

Singing classes:

These are a few examples of the subjects I teach in my class ranging from Beginners to Advanced students:
~ Breath
~ Tone
~ Position
~ Diction
~ Range
~ Scales
~ Audition and performance preparation 

If you would like to learn a certain genre, feel free to let me know. These are a few examples of the genres I teach but if there is a specific genre you would like to learn,please let me know:
~ Pop
~ R&B
~ Classical
~ Country
~ Jazz
~ Soul
~ Opera
~ Rock
~ Musical Theatre

If there is a certain song you would like to work on in class, feel free to bring it; otherwise I will choose a song that is best for your voice.

Acting classes:

If you would like to learn more about acting in theatre and film then this is perfect for you! If you are an experienced
performer and wanted to further your knowledge in your area of your expertise, I can tailor your classes to suit your needs.

These are a few examples of the topics that will be covered in class:
~ Movement
~ Audition and performance preparation 
~ Character Development
~ Monologue work shopping
~ Script Analysis
~ Diction
~ Transitioning between Theatre and Film 
~ Directing

Singing and Acting Classes are held in Sandringham for $60.00 per hour*.

For all lessons, a 24 hour cancellation is required as the week fills up quickly and would love for you to still have your lesson.  I realise at times 24 hours is not feasible to give notice due to sudden illness or an emergency however I reserve the right for $60.00 to be billed for the canceled lesson.

2018 Pricing Structure
*Casual Classes: $60.00 per hour 
10 Week Term: $540.00  = $60 Discount

 Group Rates can be discussed.  

Gift Vouchers are available